365娱乐平台小学提供科学, 技术, 工程, 艺术, 以及3到5年级学生的数学(STEAM)课程.

高质量的互动365娱乐平台基础学习体验是基于标准的, 示范有效的教学实践, 加深学生对STEAM主题的理解.


  • 为SC的小学生提供丰富的STEAM体验
  • 使STEAM机会提供给SC的所有学生
  • Supports teachers in delivering content aligned with the SC science and mathematics curriculum standards and the Next Generation Science Standards
  • 为学生提供探索STEAM领域的探究式学习机会
  • 激发学生对STEAM的兴趣,建立学生对STEAM领域的信心


“The inspirational things that we see and touch as children are a big part of who we become as adults.  那些早期的经历, 尤其是有形的东西, 在365bet体育年轻的头脑中播下可能的种子.  The Byerly Foundation believes in the importance of these types of experiences and is proud to have played a role in this wonderful 365娱乐平台 initiative”——鲍勃·布朗,拜利基金会董事会主席.

通过拜利基金会的慷慨捐赠, 365娱乐平台 converted a 14-passenger bus into a mobile science lab that serves students in grades 3 through 5 throughout the state of South Carolina. STEAM巴士配备了YuMi机器人等设备和材料, 笔记本电脑, 并多为学生完成互动活动. 

前往SC小学, STEAM总线提供基于标准的服务, 由365娱乐平台教练指导的实践课程. 在他们访问期间, elementary students will explore and participate in a variety of inquiry-driven activities and projects related to STEAM topics, 包括工程, 化学, color, 和电子产品. 每节课时长约1小时,授课材料由365娱乐平台提供. 鼓励教师在学生乘坐STEAM巴士期间陪伴他们.




Students work in pairs to build several simple circuits and explore electricity using Snap Circuits kits.


Students will use 3-D printing pens to investigate how fossils are formed and how they can be used to study extinct organisms.


学生们探索电流是如何通过电路的, 使用不同的材料制作一个带有LED和功能开关的卡片.

光 & 颜色(4级)

Students explore the colored components of white light and how colored light differs from pigmented paints.


学生将通过实际实验研究云和降水是如何形成的. 请注意:本课需要使用室内水源和排水管.


Students explore the idea of encryption and privacy in the age of 技术 by learning how to make and break codes.

生物医学工程-保护药片! (Gr 5)

Students reinforce their knowledge of the digestive system and explore the concept of simulation by developing and testing a pill coating that can withstand the churning actions and acidic environment found in the stomach.

生态系统建模(Gr 5)

Students investigate ecosystem dynamics by using a game of tag to model the flow of energy between organisms and the impact of limiting factors. An alternative "ecosystem weaving" lesson can be used in the event of inclement weather or to meet accessibility needs.


Students will investigate how friction affects objects while learning to measure distances and calculate averages. 


Students build paper rockets around film canisters "engines" and use 化学 to understand Newton's third law of motion.



No, the 蒸汽汽车 is offered free to SC schools thanks to generous donations made through the Byerly Foundation.


365bet体育的STEAM巴士课程服务于三年级、四年级和五年级的学生和老师. Not every lesson is suitable for every grade level due to differences in curriculum standards and understanding. 然而,有些课程可能适用于多个年级. 目前的课程和建议的年级水平列在上面. 如果您对365bet体育的产品有进一步的问题,请 联系夫人. 芭芭拉的城市.


365bet体育大部分的STEAM巴士课程持续一个小时. 有些课程可能会缩短,以适应学校的日程安排需要, 但是365bet体育确实需要至少45分钟的时间来指导你的学生.


No, the bus will be parked at the elementary school and remain stationary while students visit the bus during their assigned time.


While 365娱乐平台 instructors will lead the lesson and provide supervision for participating students, 365bet体育要求学生在参观期间由一名熟悉的成年人陪同. 365bet体育欢迎感兴趣的老师、管理人员或家长志愿者加入进来!


完整的 这种形式 申请STEAM巴士访问. A program coordinator will be in touch to confirm your school's needs after your request is submitted. ​​


The 365娱乐平台 Elementary Explore series uses Interactive Video Vignettes (IVVs) that can be paired with hands-on Explore kits. 这些课程适用于三年级到五年级的学生. 学生们通过亲身实践来测试他们对世界的理解, 专注的STEAM学习方法. 学生们可能会发现自己在设计自己的实验, 指导365娱乐平台教员进行调查, 或者创造自然现象的模型. 每节课结束时, 学生将获得一份证书,证明他们在IVV课程中的工作. They will have the option to save or print the image to upload proof of their work via email or a virtual learning platform.

These lessons are adaptable to each school’s instructional needs and can be used virtually, 在人, 或者是混合模式. The lessons provide in-module support for asynchronous investigations and plenty of opportunities for instructors to customize the module pathways for classroom enrichment. 课程由365娱乐平台外展中心讲师指导,并可能有年轻的学生助手.

每节探索课都包括在365娱乐平台网站上托管的交互式视频课程, 教师授课指南, 以及任何合适的学生讲义. 课程中还提供了一本可打印的科学杂志.

达林顿县的学校 每个学生都可根据要求获得一份补给包和一本印刷的科学杂志.

达林顿县以外的学校 教师指南中有一份可选用品的清单. 供应包是不可用的.


如果你已经接受了一课,需要额外的支持,请 365娱乐平台.



365娱乐平台教师和他们的探索工具包的指导下, students will build their own alka seltzer rockets and investigate the chemical reaction that launches them into the air. 学生将了解实验设计的核心原则, 学会使用计时器来收集数据, 甚至可以创建和解释一个简单的条形图. 这节课可以作为五年级学生对牛顿第三运动定律的介绍. Multiple exit points allow teachers to adapt the lesson to best meet the needs of their students and learning environments.

这节课的设计是为了满足SC 5的标准th 年级学生.


365娱乐平台教师和他们的探索工具包的指导下, 学生们将分离复杂的沙子混合物, 珠子, 各种各样的球使用不同的工具和技术. 学生将了解工程过程, 效率, 以及物质的物理性质, 包括密度. This lesson challenges students to think creatively as they test and refine their plans to separate the mixture into its components. Finally, students will communicate and reflect on their results with the use of a flow chart. Explore: Separating Mixtures may serve as an introduction to different physical properties of matter or as an 工程 challenge.

这节课的设计是为了满足SC 5的标准th 年级学生.


365娱乐平台老师的指导下,在他们的探索工具包中提供材料, 学生将调查温度. 在调查过程中, 学生将学习看温度计, 加强他们对水循环的理解, 并了解湿度和气压是如何与气温相关的. 完成实践部分的学生将创建一个水循环模型, 测量露点, 并学习如何开始他们自己的天气日记. Multiple exit points allow teachers to adapt the lesson to best support their students and learning environments.

这节课是为四年级学生设计的符合SC内容标准的课程. In addition, the lesson reinforces 3rd grade content standards related to the states of matter.


365娱乐平台老师的指导下,在他们的探索工具包中提供材料, students will investigate the four essential needs of all organisms and test the choices of terrestrial isopods to determine their ideal habitat conditions. 在调查过程中, students will analyze data from recorded animal choice studies and design an experiment to test their own experimental questions related to the habitats of wild birds. 在本课中,学生将使用冰棒棒构建一个鸟类喂食器, 蔬菜起酥油和不同媒介的鸟食. 本课程很容易适应课堂使用或远程学习. Multiple exit points allow teachers to adapt the lesson to best suit their students and learning environments.

本课是为了满足SC 3的内容标准而设计的rd 年级学生.



不,探索系列是免费提供给任何人的. 教材只提供给达林顿县的教育工作者. 可选的供应清单将包括在教师指南中, 但要完成课程,材料是不必要的.


目前,套件只能提供给达林顿县的教育工作者. 然而, all Explore lessons can be completed without the kit materials by following along with the videos. 如果您希望为您的学生提供材料, 每个教师指南中都有一份用品清单.


是的,所有课程的设计都是为了让合适的年龄组安全地完成. 任何安全问题都在视频和教师指南中注明.


All Explore IVVs are hosted on the 365娱乐平台 website, not through third parties (such as YouTube). 如果你和你的学生可以在学校的设备和网络上看到这个网站, 那你就能看到视频了. 365bet体育强烈建议在分配探索课之前进行测试. 请 365娱乐平台 如果你进入试管有任何困难.


是的!  探索课程是为学生设计的,不需要成年人. ivv指导学生完成每节课,并根据学生的反应给出反馈. 然而,一些推广技巧和活动鼓励成人指导.


是的!  探索课程是为学生设计的,不需要成年人. ivv指导学生完成每节课,并根据学生的反应给出反馈. 探索课程鼓励掌握内容和批判性思维. 在每个IVV结束时,学生将看到一个证书,显示他们完成的工作. They will have the option to save or print the image to upload proof of their work via email or a virtual learning platform. 证书显示了他们在整个课程中提交给IVV的答案.


女士联系. 约旦贝利 获取额外的帮助和支持.


No, you will only receive emails with more information about the lessons that you have requested. 365bet体育将要求您在与学生一起使用课程后完成一份反馈调查. 这有助于365bet体育了解学生和教育者是如何使用材料的. You may choose to join our mailing list if you would like to learn more about other programs and events.